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A regular dose of your personal body poetry

Gesundheitsmanagement Coaching und Consulting
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Winter Letter 2012

Finding your personal body poetry through the coaching

Mind & Body Retreat

Highlight of the first half of 2012

Body Poetry Mind & Body Retreat in the southern Croatia at the Adriatic sea

May 26th – June 2nd 2012

Find more details on the web site


Body Poetry Mind & Body Workshop

April 2012

Body Poetry Mind & Body Workshop with lots of sweating yoga practice for painless back, meditation techniques, fine food and spiritual talks with a daily real life reference (yamas and niyamas).

Sat, April 21 10.00 – 15.00
including 1 hour lunch break)

Price: 110 €
(incl. a vegetarian lunch and a tea)



You are looking for a Valentine’s Day present and want to personalize it?

You can obtain vouchers (Gutschein) in any value you want to give.

A one-hour-coaching class starts already at 70 € and ranges up to 150 € depending on the range of services (exercise: Pilates/Yoga, nutrition, stress management, personal development) you take and the duration of the coaching session.

There are also essential aromatic oils from the Adriatic sea (Eucalyptus, Melissa, Grapefruit, Lavender, Bergamot).  

Price: 12 € zzgl. Versand 2,20 €– 3,90 € depending on the quantity.

Visit also our cooperation partner Better Fair at http://www.betterfair.de/startseite for cute stuff! 

NEW: Fireside Chat

Developing Your Personal Poetry.

Fireside Chats is a new coaching format by Body Poetry.
We at the Body Poetry Institute understand the personal body poetry as a state of balance and harmony between your mind (not the brain) and body. If in balance you are resilient in face of daily challenges.

Learn an effective self-help system in an independent series of coaching sessions.

In a small circle of the minimum of four to the maximum of eight persons we will focus on answering the following questions:
Where do I stand at the moment?
What do I want?
How can I get there?
How can I achieve my personal body poetry?

We will discuss (yoga) ethics, find examples, reflect, explore, debate, confront and learn stress management and meditation techniques to deepen our spiritual (not religious!) practice.

I promise
to enable you to find the way to make the personal and desired change, get rid of the worry about unfulfilled tasks and shortage of time, you will find motivation, inspiration, gain new energy, and set clear goals.
Coach yourself successfully after this stress management workshop and tune into your personal flow.



Stress Management for Managers

The Frankfurt School of Finance exclusively offers Body Poetry workshop:

“Stress Management for Managers”: You are in a leading position and are confronted with daily stress and difficult decision making processes. You worry that asking for help would make you seem less capable. Yet, even CEOs and government leaders turn to advisors regularly.

Two-day-workshop (October and November 2012)
In a series of two-day-workshop (October and November 2012) you can enjoy a stressless distance from your work while being paid for it, you can learn while you explore, relax, and enjoy.

You will tackle the problem on its root:
You’ll learn about the stress mechanism, about how to prevent and manage stress (techniques, tips and tricks) and the influence of the stress on your body. It’ll be two interesting, unusual days, you’ll think out of the box, you will feel inspired, rejuvenated and among equal ones.



Body Poetry Mind & Body Coach Professional

Education towards a Body Poetry Mind & Body Coach Professional (300)
starts December 14th 2012,
ends November 2013.

Detailed information is coming soon.


Pilates Workout

Our long time specialty:

Vigorous, dynamic and effective Pilates workout,

a dynamic Ashtanga based yoga practice or the Vini-Yoga stile (tailor-made for your needs).

Special offer valid for the first five registrants (valid only for new private clients):

Book 7 classes (lasting 55’-60’) for only 450 € on the Reformer and the Mat! 



News from the research

Relaxation response changes gene activity

A study conducted in two hospitals in the USA showed that a regular use of stress management activities, such as yoga, meditation, breath focus influences the activity of certain genes.

These techniques help turn off and on certain sets of genes. These genes are involved with controlling how the body handles free radicals, inflammation processes and cell death.

That is a great news and yet another confirmation that we and not the pharma industry have our health in our own hands.  



Sit down in your favourite meditation pose, make yourself comfortable so that you do not have to move at all in the next 15 minutes.

Start working with your breath inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply.

After first 3-4 minutes focus your attention on the single body parts. Name each one but do not analyse. Just observe in a non-participatory fashion.

Having scanned the whole body you will end the practice.  

Last but not least: The perspective changes in the eyes of the spectator.

Here is a little story to this very truthful saying. The kids of one of my yoga coachees were asked to draw a downward facing dog position from the yoga tradition. This picture is showing what they came up with. 


Naturally, my opinion to that was something else as you can see it in the picture below. 

You realize that a perspective changes in the eyes of the spectator. This applies also to the way two people choose to get to a certain goal. Consequently, if you look for a change and want to change perspective you will most definitely find a solution to a desired change through coaching!

(The drawing is the courtesy of Maria Fahrenbach's kids.)

Coach Dr. Zrinka

p.s. Are you satisfied with the contents and the offer or would you like to read more about something else?
Then let me know!

Body Poetry
Mind & Body Institute for Integral Health Coaching & Consulting
Inh. Dr. Zrinka K. Fidermuc Maler
Horst-Schulmann-Str. 5
D-60314 Frankfurt/M
Tel: +49 173 654 07 16
E-Mail: info(at)bodypoetry.de
Internet: www.bodypoetry.de


Wir sind Mitglied im DPV e.V.
(Deutscher Pilates-Verband)

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Save the Date:


Body Poetry Mind & Body Retreat


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Happy Valentine!

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Fireside coaching

March 24, 2012
16.00 – 20.00

June 23, 2012
16.00 – 20.00

September 22, 2012
16.00 – 20.00

December 29, 2012
16.00 – 20.00

Price: 150 € excl. VAT
(per session)
including dinner
(drinks are paid separately)

Location: Horst-Schulmann-Str 5, Frankfurt

(I reserve the right to change the location depending on the number of participants)










October 11-12 and November 22-23 2012

This workshop is exclusively sold only by Frankfurt School of Finance.
For further information on pricing etc. please contact Mrs Sabine Schorr: s.schorr[at]fs.de.
For more details about the curriculum please contact info[at]bodypoetry.de.