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A Regular Dose of Your Personal Body Poetry


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                                                                              Autumn Event in Croatia

Midsummer Letter 2012

Finding your personal body poetry through the coaching!

Body Poetry Autumn Event

Our event in the coastal Croatia in May/July was such an inspiration and success that I decided to organize an additional retreat this year. Unlike the event in Dubrovnik and Cavtat which was dedicated to yoga, Pilates, stress management techniques but also to our cultural and gourmet interests, this additional retreat will be somewhat different.

The isle of Losinj has been known for the past 120 years as the island of vitality, a known health resort for all sort of respiratory issues. The isle is rich in flora and fauna and a known place of aromatherapy based on the local plants and produced locally. Dedicated to inner and outer sensory activities the autumn event by Body Poetry will rather be dedicated to inner and outer sensory activities which include not only daily yoga practice, Pilates workout, stress management and relaxation technique but also to an aromatherapy workshop, single manual therapies, and nutrition secrets.

Join me in this unique new event in the golden fragrant autumn. 

⇒ Read more about the retreat 


Body Poetry Mind & Body Event

The highlight of the second half of 2012: 

Body Poetry Mind & Body Retreat in the northern Croatia at the Adriatic sea

October 1st – October 7th 2012

Do not miss this outstanding event to the beautiful Croatia, the island of Losinj!

 ⇒ Find more details on the web site

  Take a look at the hotel Punta

My long time specialty!

  • Vigorous, dynamic and effective Pilates workout,
  • a dynamic power vinyasa flow yoga practice or 
  • the Vini-Yoga stile (tailor-made for your needs)!

The midsummer special offer valid for the first five registrants (new clients, not in combination to other offers you might have obtained):

Book 8 classes (lasting 55’-60’) for only 499 €
on the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Small Barrel and the Mat! Valid also for yoga!

⇒ Contact me now!

Body Poetry Workshop: Detox Your Mind & Body

September 22 and October 27, 2012

This workshop will include

  • postures and breathing techniques supporting the detox process in your body & mind
  • meditation and relaxation techniques,
  • guide to detoxing effectively and safely
  • vegetable/fruit juices (also for to go)
  • tea

Sat, September 22, 2012 from 9.00 – 13.00

Sat, October 27, 2012 from 9.00 - 13.00
(including juice break)

Price: 99 €

⇒ Here are the workshop details.

Corporate Health Management Concepts

You think your company needs ..

.. a full spectrum service or a tailor made concept for managing the health of the employees?

We offer and guarantee the employees motivation & satisfaction through our exercise programs in your company, through easy to follow dietary plans and coaching, we coach stress management techniques and help the employees growing personally not only professionally.

We can also organise your health days!
Our service gets you loyal, healthy and motivated staff!


⇒   See the interview with Dr. Zrinka.  (PDF 1 MB)


Stress Management Not Only For Managers

The Frankfurt School of Finance offers exclusively this Body Poetry workshop:

Nowadays not only those in a leading position are confronted with daily stress and difficult decision making processes. In a two-day-workshop (April 17-18, 2013) you can enjoy a stressless distance from your work while being paid for it, you can learn while you explore, exercise, relax, and enjoy.

You will tackle the problem at its root: You’ll learn about the stress mechanism, about how to prevent and manage stress (exercises, techniques, tips and tricks) and the influence of the stress on your body.

It’ll be two interesting, unusual days, you’ll think out of the box, you will feel inspired, rejuvenated and among equal ones.

This workshop is exclusively sold only by Frankfurt School of Finance. For further information on pricing etc. please contact Mrs. Sabine Schorr at: s.schorr(at)fs.de 

To recieve more details about the curriculum itself please

⇒ contact me here.

Body Poetry Reading Suggestion

My annual stay in the USA for the Yoga Being Conference and for my regular update with my teacher Beryl Bender Birch where I find inspiration and get new energy allowed me also to read and learn more then I usually have time for. A toddler at home is certainly a great way to practice in being present and centered;-) but the time for solitude and study gives a whole new dimension to thinking, acting and feeling.

The present time is the time of a global change. It is seen on many levels. Somehow we have realized that certain things cannot go on like they used to. Something needs to be done. On a personal level many people feel stressed and anxious for the uncertainty and the permanent change. The People get ill as a consequence of the issues they didn't deal with.This is always the first and a very tangible proof that the mind & the body are not separate. This is the moment where most of us get awake. It has become a common place today that the traditional medicine is not enough. It has its strenghts but also weaknesses and limitations. Therefore many hospitals and doctors in the USA embrace the benefits of the Eastern approach to the health, integrate yoga as a whole into the healing process and recommend to keep the good habit. However, the crucial moment is to change the old habits which no longer serve us. That is where most of the people fail. For that purpose I recommend to find a mind & body coach who will support you skilfully through the change and open new perspectives. Besides, he or she will give you more insight into the food as our best medicine we have. Organically grown food is more expensive. If you try to see it as an investment in your future which does not forsee doctors and illnesses caused by our modern life then that might be a good motivator.

Also a good book is always helpful and gets you going. In this midsummer letter I can recommend "The untethered soul" by Michael Singer and an already classic "The new earth" by Eckart Tolle. Both are available in German as well.

I hope you will enjoy the reading and start the change today! Do something every day and see how that transforms you over the time.


A Body Poetry Tip For Your Change

Make (1) 5 Sun salutations every day, (2) take 10 deep breaths afterwards, (3) meditate by taking another 10 breaths focusing on a single word and (4) make a service to someone (e.g. make a coffee to your colleague in the office or pick up a paper on the street and toss it into the garbage).

Wait and see what happens after 30 days of daily practice of these 4 simple steps!

Have fun and surprise yourself! Let me know about what happened!

Coach Dr. Zrinka

Body Poetry
Mind & Body Institute for Integral Health Coaching & Consulting
Inh. Dr. Zrinka K. Fidermuc Maler
Horst-Schulmann-Str. 5
D-60314 Frankfurt/M
Tel: +49 173 654 07 16
E-Mail: info(at)bodypoetry.de
Internet: www.bodypoetry.de


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